BS Bone - "Cerberus Bone"


New Release: Release on October 17

BS Bone Unleashes a Roaring Deluge of Alternative Heavy Rock with "Cerberus Bone"

Hailing from the lands of Italy, the mighty BS Bone has unleashed their debut album, "Cerberus Bone", and it's a molten cauldron of alternative heavy rock that's about to set your soul ablaze.
But before we dive into the molten lava of their music, let's get to know the three rock warriors behind BS Bone. Vyper, the bass-wielding beast, is your maestro on lead vocals. Steve Grind, the six-string sorcerer, adds his spellbinding backing vocals and guitar riffs that'll make your head spin. And then, there's Leo, the rhythmic colossus on the drums, serving up a thunderous backdrop and his own backing vocals to fuel your metal desires.
So, what's "Cerberus Bone" all about? It's the embodiment of the inescapable struggle between the mundane and the essential, the stark realization of inadequacy, and the fiery phoenix of redemption that rises from the ashes. This ambiguity is the soundtrack to a generation seeking to view life from a broader perspective, standing not above it all, but right in the heart of the storm. The anger it exudes becomes the fuel for social change, the voice of a generation that refuses to go quietly.
The album is an unfiltered exploration of human vulnerability, suffering, and the ever-present specter of defeat. It's a daily nightmare, an allegory of the anxiety that gnaws at the soul and surfaces when a glimmer of hope pierces the ominous darkness. Each note and every lyric serve as a portal to the deepest, most turbulent emotions, inviting you to confront your inner demons and emerge stronger on the other side.
But the magic doesn't stop at the music. The album's artwork is a masterpiece in its own right, crafted by the enigmatic Japanese artist Hiroyasu Tsuri, known as Twoone. The piece, titled "Cerberus," was birthed in 2018 through a technique known as "mixed media," a fusion of materials and techniques that bring the beast to life.
Now, speaking of Cerberus, you might know him as the mythological three-headed hound guarding the gates of the underworld. But, in the grand tapestry of "Cerberus Bone," this iconic figure finds new meaning. It represents the storm within, the rage that drives the engine of social change in the endless cycle of inadequacy, awareness, and redemption.
BS Bone's journey is a testament to the spirit of alternative heavy rock. From the advice of Dave Grohl during their youthful days to jam sessions in Los Angeles with legends like Blind Melon and Dave Krusen (ex-Pearl Jam), they've crafted a rock 'n' roll resume that's the stuff of dreams. And now, they've partnered with producer Filippo Buono to bring "Cerberus Bone" to life, ensuring that every note hits like a sledgehammer.
Now that you're primed and ready to unleash your inner beast, here's where you can get a taste of BS Bone's "Cerberus Bone":
BS Bone isn't just a band; it's a journey through the fiery crucible of music that'll leave you forever changed. "Cerberus Bone" is your invitation to step into the realm of alternative heavy rock and experience a roaring deluge of sound that's nothing short of epic. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Bone Brigade and let the metal flow! 🤘