Born Again - True Heavy Nation


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Born Again: Forging True Heavy Nation
In 2016, Born Again emerged as a beacon of metal resurgence. This four-member powerhouse set out to create music that's heavy, melodic, and power-packed with raw, aggressive vocals. Drawing inspiration from '70s and '80s legends like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Judas Priest, Born Again embarked on a mission to revive the essence of classic metal.
Their anthem, "True Heavy Nation", encapsulates their dedication to the genre. It's a thunderous call to arms for metalheads, a reminder that the spirit of true heavy metal lives on. The guitar work is mesmerizing, and the vocals are a primal scream of defiance.
Born Again stands as a steadfast pillar in the modern metal scene, unwavering in their commitment to the roots of heavy metal. If you haven't experienced the might of "True Heavy Nation", it's time to join the ranks of the metal faithful. Born Again is here to reignite the fire, and it's a ride you won't want to miss.