Miara - "Hungering Inside"


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Miara Unleashes Melodic Mayhem with New Single "Hungering Inside"

Ladies and gentlemen of the metal realm, prepare your ears for an onslaught of melodic death metal magnificence! Italy's very own Miara is here to rock your world with their upcoming debut album "Hungering Inside", set to drop like a metal meteor on November 17th, 2023, via Finland's Inverse Records. But hold on to your battle vests, because they're giving us a taste of the brutality with their third single, also titled "Hungering Inside".

As you unleash the beast within and let this powerful track consume your soul, you'll be hit with a wave of relentless energy and rhythmic metal madness. It's a musical masterpiece that encapsulates that feeling of having the weight of the world on your shoulders, but in the most headbang-worthy way possible!

The band had this to say about "Hungering Inside": "It's characterized by a powerful, modern sound influenced by melodic connotations typical of the Gothenburg sound". And trust me, they've nailed it!
But before we dive deeper into this metal maelstrom, let's get to know the architects of this sonic onslaught. Miara was founded in 2022 in the historic city of Bologna, Italy, by the Grillo brothers, Antonio on guitar and Francesco on bass. During the darkest days of the pandemic, Antonio felt the urge to channel the overwhelming emotions of that time into music. The result? Their first single, "Ascending to Second Life", which quickly garnered praise and recognition from metalheads worldwide.
The full band lineup solidified in 2023 with Ruben Sanchez on guitar, Guido Romano on drums, and Markus Kristoffersson taking on vocal duties. Together, they set out to craft their debut album, "Hungering Inside", which serves as a testament to their melodic death metal roots with hard-hitting riffs straight out of the Gothenburg sound.
To top it off, in May 2023, they found themselves battling it out as finalists in the prestigious Wacken Metal Battle, solidifying their place in the metal ranks.
As you prepare for the grand unleashing of "Hungering Inside" this November, don't forget to dive into their previous singles, "You Still Remain" and "My Will Dominates", which will give you a taste of the melodic mayhem to come. These tracks are pure, unadulterated metal goodness, and we're here for it!
So, mark your calendars, metalheads, because November 17th, 2023, is the day you'll be thrashing, headbanging, and moshing your heart out to Miara's "Hungering Inside". Until then, crank up their singles, follow them on social media, and get ready to be devoured by the melodic death metal storm that is Miara!

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