Neocracy - Torment


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NEOCRACY: Shredding Boundaries and Mashing Genres for the Ultimate Metal Feast!
Neocracy - Torment
Hold on to your headbanging helmets, fellow metalheads, because NEOCRACY is here to shatter your musical expectations in a style that's as wild and unpredictable as a mosh pit at a Viking-themed hip-hop hoedown! These guys are on a mission to create music that everyone can enjoy, and they're doing it by tossing every genre they can find into a musical blender.
Picture this: you're jamming to some folk-infused country hip-hop, and suddenly, out of nowhere, the thrash gods descend upon you with a progressive metalcore punch that leaves you gasping for air. That's NEOCRACY for you, a musical rollercoaster that'll make your head spin faster than a vinyl record on a turntable.
Their debut album, "Pure Organic", is like a Pandora's box of musical surprises. You can grab the original CD if you're feeling old-school, or you can dive into the digital madness on Bandcamp if you're all about that futuristic metal experience.
But wait, there's more! NEOCRACY isn't just about the music; they're all about connecting with their fans. Check out their music videos, and you'll be treated to a visual spectacle that's as diverse as their music. These guys know how to rock your screens, making it an experience that's as mind-bending as their tunes.
So, if you're ready to join the Neo-movement and support this unique metal experiment, head over to their There, you can snag their tunes and catch up with them on Instagram and Facebook, where they're bound to unleash even more metal madness!
In the world of metal, where conformity is a cardinal sin, NEOCRACY is the unholy force of genre-defying chaos. They're rewriting the rules, and we're just here to witness the glorious mayhem.
Stay heavy and keep your horns up, because NEOCRACY is here to rock your world!