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Unleash the Metal Mayhem: PICTURES ON SILENCE Drops "Mental Haze"
Metalheads, get ready to descend into the abyss of sonic madness, because today marks the release of Pictures on Silence's latest masterpiece, "Mental Haze"! The label N-Vox Prod., known for unleashing some seriously mind-bending bands like Akphaezya, Reigan-Do, and Mineral Reflectance, proudly presents this auditory onslaught to the world.
"Mental Haze" isn't just an album; it's a full-throttle metal rollercoaster ride that will leave your eardrums begging for more. This album is like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, except the needle is made of pure molten metal.
With influences from the darkest corners of metal, they've forged a sound that's heavier than Thor's hammer and sharper than a dragon's tooth. From the guttural growls to the face-melting guitar solos, "Mental Haze" is an exhilarating journey into the depths of sonic insanity.
Pictures on Silence isn't your typical metal band. They're sonic architects, crafting intricate soundscapes that transport you to another dimension. This French crew knows how to push the boundaries of metal, and "Mental Haze" is proof of their relentless creativity.
With their unique blend of aggression and melody, they've managed to summon a hurricane of sound that will leave you headbanging and air-guitaring like there's no tomorrow. So, who's responsible for this audio onslaught?
Vocals: A nameless warrior with a voice that can shatter mountains.
Guitars: A dueling duo that weaves intricate melodies and shreds like there's no tomorrow.
Bass: A rumbling force that underpins the chaos.
Drums: A relentless rhythmic assault that drives the madness forward.
Together, they've created "Mental Haze", an album that's as heavy as a black hole and as relentless as a Viking raid.
Just remember, this isn't music. It's a descent into the depths of metal madness. So, turn up the volume, grab your air guitar, and unleash the beast within. Pictures on Silence has brought the storm; now, it's your turn to ride it.
"Mental Haze" is available today, and it's a one-way ticket to a land of chaos and metal glory.
Ready to dive into the "Mental Haze"? Follow Pictures on Silence and let the metal madness consume you.