Poseydon - "Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion"

Upcoming Release:

Poseydon: The Metal Storm Approaches - New Album "Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion" Set to Drop on October 20, 2023!

Poseydon - Artificial Intelligence
If you're a fan of face-melting metal that's as heavy as a neutron star and as brutal as a Viking raid, then you're in for a treat!
Hold onto your battle jackets, fellow metalheads, because the heavy artillery is about to roll out! On October 20, 2023, Belgian death/thrash metal juggernauts Poseydon will unleash their sonic warfare with their upcoming album, "Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion". For all you die-hard fans of Slayer, Testament, and Sepultura, the metal mayhem is coming your way.
If you're looking for something soft and melodic, you might as well stop reading now. Poseydon is here to crush eardrums, rattle bones, and turn every headbanger's dream into a reality. "Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion" is a sonic warhead, and it doesn't play nice.
Get ready for savage guitar riffs, relentless drumming, and vocals that sound like they were conjured from the depths of the abyss. This is metal that doesn't just hit hard; it obliterates everything in its path.
Prepare for the Onslaught: The Tracklist
Here's a glimpse of what you'll be diving into on October 20:
- Rise Of Poseydon (Intro) - A sinister prelude that darkens the skies and sets the stage for the upcoming musical onslaught.
- Awakening Of The Gods - If the gods of metal needed an alarm clock, this track would be it.
- Contrition - Forget repentance; this track is about unleashing brutal fury.
- Haunted Souls - You might need an exorcism after this one, but who cares when it sounds this good?
- Rise Of The Kraken - Poseydon summons the sea beast, and it's ready to destroy everything in its path.
- Enter The Gates Of Hell - Welcome to a world where there are no gates strong enough to keep you safe.
- Human Suffering - Brace yourself for an aural assault on a grand scale.
- The Power Of Destruction And Decay - Unleash the chaos and let the power of metal consume you.
- Artificial Intelligence - Machines might take over the world, but metal still rules.
- The End Is Near - Embrace the apocalypse with the perfect soundtrack.
- For All Eternity - A grand finale that will leave you begging for an encore.

"Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion" is coming, and it's not here to play nice. This is an album for the headbangers, the moshpit warriors, and anyone who likes their metal as heavy as a neutron star.
The album will be available in various formats, including digital CD, physical CD (complete with a digipack containing 20 pages), and a limited edition vinyl release. Necktwister, in collaboration with Sonic Rendezvous, is ensuring that this auditory assault reaches every corner of the globe.
So, mark your calendar for October 20, 2023, and prepare to be pummeled by Poseydon's relentless riffs and lyrical brutality. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of, and metalheads, your nightmare is about to come true.
Metalheads, the storm is coming, and Poseydon is at the helm. Get ready for "Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion" on October 20, 2023. Bang that head and let the moshing begin!