Serpentheir - "Oneirism"


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Serpentheir Conjures Dark Metal Dreams with "Oneirism"
Poland, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and hearty pierogi, has also been the birthplace of some seriously dark and haunting metal. Enter Serpentheir, a project that's been brewing in the shadows since 2010. With their third album, "Oneirism", they've taken us on a sinister sonic journey through the abyss.
Serpentheir began as a dynamic duo in 2010, featuring the enigmatic Isidore Castanea, who goes by the ominous moniker Dr. Caligula, on guitar and vocals. He joined forces with the local percussion wizard Coby Janitor, and together they forged the early foundations of this darkmetal behemoth.
These two miscreants hit it off famously, diving headfirst into their murky musical ambitions. They honed their material through countless rehearsals, refining it like a fine wine, yet with a more demonic twist. But then, life took a detour, and they put the project on ice for a while.
Fast forward to the scorching summer of 2015 when the flames of creativity were rekindled. Dr. Caligula and Coby Janitor, now lifelong metal conspirators, decided it was time to bring their malevolent creation to life. They headed into the studio to birth their first EP, "Undertones of Yore", a sinister testament to their sinister synergy. Yet, shortly after recording this dark opus, Dr. Caligula packed his bags and moved to pastures anew, leaving behind his percussive partner in crime.
Undeterred and alone, Dr. Caligula assumed the mantle of producer and released the EP in August 2017, proving that the darkness of Serpentheir could not be extinguished.
With leftover material crawling from the shadows of previous years, he embarked on crafting the project's inaugural full-length album. Despite a few hurdles, including a move to London in 2018, he persevered, birthing "Protracting the States Invariant" in December 2019.
In 2020, our intrepid Dr. Caligula delved into the depths of his creative arsenal. Armed with new tools for programming drums and synths, he found himself in the throes of inspiration. A self-imposed challenge emerged: craft an entire album from scratch, without relying on any pre-existing material. And so, "Shadow People" was conjured and released in December 2020, shortly after relocating to Denmark.
As the ominous year of 2022 crept upon us, Dr. Caligula unearthed some long-forgotten relics from Serpentheir's early years. The result? "Oneirism", a haunting masterpiece released in March 2023.
This relentless darkmetal conjurer doesn't rest on his laurels. Dr. Caligula is already weaving the sinister threads of his next opus, promising more musical nightmares to keep us up at night.
If you're into the likes of Thy Catafalque, Shade Empire, Samael, Tiamat, Dimmu Borgir, or Windir, Serpentheir's "Oneirism" is your chilling invitation into the shadows. Get ready to be ensnared in a web of dark dreams.
Listen to "Oneirism" on Spotify or Bandcamp, and stay updated on their malevolent machinations by visiting Serpentheir's Facebook.
Don't blame us if you find yourself trapped in Serpentheir's nightmarish soundscapes—sometimes, the abyss gazes back.