Synlakross - Death / Hate

Synlakross, a Spanish melodic death metal band, defies expectations and injects rebellion into their music. Their unique sound blends melodic death metal with alternative, nu metal, and metalcore influences, promising a thrilling journey through heavy music.
Formed in 2008 by Pablo ‘Roro’ and Tiko Martinez, SynlakrosS solidified their lineup in 2010. The band boasts five highly talented members known for their charisma, passion, and fan connection.
Their journey began with the 2011 "SynlakrosS" demo, followed by the impactful debut album "Melodichrome" in 2013. Successive singles like "Wish I Had An Angel" and "Dragon Egg" further established their presence in the metal scene. In 2015, they triumphed at the GRANITO ROCK FESTIVAL's METAL SECTION, earning recognition and sharing the stage with renowned acts.
A pivotal moment arrived with their second album, 'Death Bullets For A Forajido,' released in 2016. The album garnered international acclaim, and Synlakross toured alongside bands like THE AGONIST and JINJER in Spain, even performing with PRIMAL FEAR. They earned awards for 'Revelation Band of the Year,' 'Best Album,' 'Best Album Cover,' and 'Best Music Video.'
In 2018, the band continued evolving with "Malice Murder", combining supernatural horror, violence, satanism, and sensuality in their music. This marked a new direction, leading to tours in PORTUGAL, ENGLAND, and WALES.
Their fourth album, "0K4M1" released in 2021, offered a dark yet beautiful 'Opera Rock' experience, telling the story of a half-human, half-alien creature communicating across light years. SynlakrosS established themselves as musical storytellers.
"Ideas Are Bulletproof", their latest release in March 2022, revisited three songs from their first demo, showcasing their growth over a decade. As they work on their fifth album, the band is on an unstoppable 2023 European tour, leaving their mark across various countries. SynlakrosS is a metal powerhouse here to stay, offering a rebellious musical adventure. 🤘