The Fixer - "Your Lie"


Upcoming Release:

Off of The Fixer's upcoming full-length album "Your Lie", due for release on November 10th, 2023 via Wormholedeath.
The Fixer Unleashes "Your Lie" Album: Dark, Sexy, and Unapologetically Loud

Ready for a wild ride, metalheads? The Fixer is back, and they're here to blow your eardrums with their latest album, "Your Lie." This is a snapshot of a band that's grown, evolved, and refined their unique style.
"Your Lie" keeps the essence of The Fixer's "Dark.Sexy.Loud." style alive and kicking. Expect danceable, heavy rock grooves that make you want to break out into a mosh pit wherever you are. But this album is more than just a headbanging fest.
The Fixer isn't afraid to venture into new territories. They showcase their technical prowess, blending everything from frantic and unsettling sounds to irresistibly catchy pop hooks. It's a musical rollercoaster that keeps you guessing.
Lyrically, "Your Lie" is a deep dive into the human experience. It tackles a wide range of subjects, from upbeat hard rock party anthems to soul-searching self-reflective dirges. But at its core, this album is about escapism and self-deception for the sake of psychological survival. "Your Lie" is the illusion we all create to make this crazy existence bearable.
Melladonna and Vic of The Fixer have poured their hearts into crafting tracks that resonate with those who don't quite fit into the "normal" mold. This album is all about connecting with something deeper. Something a little darker, a lot sexier, and undoubtedly louder.
So, step into the world of "Your Lie." The Fixer is here to take you on a mind-bending journey that's as real as it gets. Get ready to be unapologetically loud and welcome to The Fixer's dark side of fun. We're pleased to make your acquaintance! 🤘
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