Chris Maragoth feat. Cherry Summerfield - Remembrance


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Chris Maragoth: Crafting Metal Marvels

Straight out of Germany, Chris Maragoth isn't just a name, it's a musical journey unfolding through the realms of Rock and Metal. Founded in 2017, this solo project is the brainchild of a guitarist extraordinaire seeking to conquer the sonic universe.
As a guitarist at heart, Chris Maragoth commands the musical landscape, composing, arranging, and belting out both instrumental and vocal pieces solo. He occasionally joins forces with fellow musicians, channeling the energy of friendships and former bandmates into his magnetic melodies.
Venturing across a myriad of Rock and Metal terrains, Chris Maragoth's sonic signature seamlessly dances between genres, predominantly encapsulating the essence of modern Rock and the allure of melodic Metal.
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Chris Maragoth feat. Cherry Summerfield - Remembrance
Official Music Video for "Remembrance", second Single of the upcoming Album "Gatherer of Souls". (released on November 24, 2023)
Get ready to rock with Chris Maragoth's boundless melodies and Metal mayhem! 🤘