Crystal Viper - "In The Haunted Chapel"


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Crystal Viper Unveils "In The Haunted Chapel" - Plus, Brace Yourselves for a New Album!

Metalheads, rejoice! Crystal Viper is back with a thunderous new music video, "In The Haunted Chapel", featuring the powerhouse vocals and bass guitar wizardry of Marta Gabriel, accompanied by the drumming prowess of Jakub Galwas.
Watch "In The Haunted Chapel" Here:
But hold on to your metal horns, folks, because that's not all! Marta Gabriel, the founding force behind Crystal Viper, reveals exciting news that'll make every headbanger's heart skip a beat. Brace yourselves for a NEW ALBUM set to drop in the sizzling Summer of 2024 via Listenable Records.
"We're cooking up something truly epic", exclaims Marta Gabriel. "Our latest album, 'The Cult,' laid down the gauntlet, and now, get ready for the natural sequel. Expect more Lovecraftian-inspired lyrics that'll transport you to realms unknown. But wait, there's more! We've got surprises up our sleeves, diving into uncharted territories".
And hey, she's not just preaching to the Crystal Viper choir; Marta's confident this new album will hook die-hard fans while reeling in fresh listeners craving an electrifying metal saga.
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So, fellow metal maniacs, get your gear ready, your speakers primed, and mark your calendars! Crystal Viper's new album is brewing a storm set to conquer the Summer of 2024. Prepare for a musical journey that'll have you headbanging into new dimensions! 🤘