Dead Defined - "Rise and Stall"


It Was Released in 2021:

Dead Defined's "Rise and Stall": A Powerhouse of Industrial Pop/Rock Unleashed in 2021!

In the roaring summer of 2021, Dead Defined unleashed 'Rise and Stall,' their eighth single, setting the scene ablaze with their blend of Industrial/Pop/Rock madness.
Craig Ewan, the mastermind behind Dead Defined, helms this beast from Toronto, Canada. Their music? A wild, unpredictable ride! It’s the intersection where hard rock’s infectious energy meets the complexity of thought-provoking industrial pop. Imagine if Nickelback joined forces with Nine Inch Nails—yeah, that kind of fusion.
Formerly from Shadows in Red and the powerhouse behind Toronto’s Waveline, Craig Ewan brings an enigmatic vision to Dead Defined. He's not just crafting music; he's redefining genres.
Released in July 2021, 'Rise and Stall' isn’t just a song; it’s a sonic whirlwind. It's their eighth single but far from a plateau; it’s a step up, a testament to the band's evolving prowess.
For those craving music that breaks boundaries and defies labels, Dead Defined is the gateway to a musical rollercoaster that's equal parts chaos and charisma.
With 'Rise and Stall,' Dead Defined didn't just drop a track; they opened a portal into a realm where genres collide and electrify. It's 2021's audible adrenaline shot that still resonates with fans today.