Eldritch - "Black Bedlam"


Upcoming Release:

Eldritch Unleashes the Madness with "Black Bedlam" – A Menacing Prelude to 'Innervoid'! 🤘

Prepare your eardrums for a sonic onslaught as Eldritch, the maestros of metal mystique, drop the video for "Black Bedlam". It's not just a song; it's a journey into the depths of musical madness, and we're here for it!
This face-melting track is the third single teasing the impending release of their new album, "Innervoid", 
hitting the airwaves on November 17th, courtesy of Scarlet Records. Eldritch, known for their alchemical blend of melody and mayhem, seems to have brewed another sonic elixir that's nothing short of enchanting.
"Black Bedlam" is a taste of what's to come, a sinister appetizer before the grand feast that 'Innervoid' promises to be. Eldritch weaves a sonic tapestry, blending the macabre with melody, the chaos with cadence, all while summoning the dark forces of metal.
So, mark your calendars, metalheads! November 17th is the day when 'Innervoid' drops, and Eldritch invites you to a headbanging extravaganza. Until then, let the haunting notes of 'Black Bedlam' reverberate in your soul, preparing you for the metal masterpiece that awaits.
Get ready for a musical descent into madness, as Eldritch unveils "Black Bedlam". The metal apocalypse is near, and we're all eager disciples of the sonic chaos! 🤘