Gun Recoil - "Underground Prison"


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"Gun Recoil : Greek Thrash Titans Unleash Debut EP 'Underground Prison'"

From the land of myth and legends emerges a thrash metal force that's as relentless as the mighty Titans themselves – Gun Recoil! Hailing from Athens, Greece, this thrash metal combo was born in 2020 with a mission that's as pure as metal itself: to pay tribute to the Bay Area scene and the legendary thrash titans from around the world.
Three years later, the time has come for Gun Recoil to unleash their first offering, the 'Underground Prison' EP. It's a sonic onslaught that blends diverse and multi-faceted thrash influences into a sound that's uniquely their own. If you've got a heart that beats to the rhythm of thrash, this EP is about to become your new obsession.
To give you a taste of the fury that Gun Recoil brings to the table, they've just dropped the lyric video for "Underground Prison." It's a track that'll have you chanting along with every word as you headbang like there's no tomorrow. Check it out here:

The line-up of this thrash battalion includes:
George Geramanis on vocals
Chris Jonis, the rhythm guitar maestro
Theocharis Stefanatos, the lead guitar wizard
John Katsampoulas, the bass thunderstorm
Now, it's time to join the thrash rebellion. You can dive into the sonic chaos and grab your own piece of 'Underground Prison' at these links:

Gun Recoil is here to make your speakers quake and your eardrums scream for mercy. So, dear metal warriors, get ready for a thrash party of mythic proportions. Turn up the volume, hit play, and let Gun Recoil lead you into the 'Underground Prison' of epic thrash metal! It's time to unleash the metal beast within!