OPHIOLATRY - "Abyss of Alienation"


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OPHIOLATRY Unleashes Venomous Fury in 'Abyss of Alienation' Video!

Prepare to dive into the pit of serpentine brutality as Brazil's death metal maestros, Ophiolatry, bring you the re-recorded inferno, "Abyss of Alienation". If you thought ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) was a thing, wait till you've had a taste of Ophiolatry's sonic onslaught!
Picture this: hypnotic riffs that slither into your soul, vocals so brutal they could make a demon shudder, and rhythms that hit like a mythical snake god descending upon the earth. It's a musical conjuring that pays homage to the likes of Hate Eternal, Nile, and the almighty Morbid Angel, Steve Tucker era-style.
But why settle for a mere definition when you can experience the sonic venom firsthand? The band's latest video for "Abyss of Alienation" is a visceral journey into the heart of death metal darkness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woP0Z8TpoFE
This track isn't a mere resurrection; it's a reawakening. Originally from Ophiolatry's 2008 album, "Transmutation", "Abyss of Alienation" returns with a newfound ferocity, proving that some serpents only get deadlier with time.
So, fellow metalheads, brace yourselves for the onslaught. Whether you're a seasoned death metal devotee or a curious soul venturing into the abyss, Ophiolatry's "Abyss of Alienation" promises an auditory journey that will leave you coiled in awe.
In a world where snakes are feared, Ophiolatry makes them the heralds of metal mayhem. Let the worship begin! 🤘