PRAETOR - "Pitch Black"

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PRAETOR Unleashes Thrash Fury with "Pitch Black" Video

Prepare for a seismic shockwave in the realm of thrash metal as the international wrecking crew PRAETOR drops their explosive video, "Pitch Black".
Brace yourself for a relentless onslaught of adrenaline-fueled, melodic brutality that defines the essence of thrash metal.

Fresh off the forge of their debut in 2019, PRAETOR's inaugural album, unleashed on February 24, 2023, is nothing short of extraordinary. Hugo, Noémie, Alex, and Sebastien, veterans with over 12 years each in the metal trenches, converge their seasoned prowess into a sonic maelstrom that's as pulverizing as it is melodious.
These metal maestros, inspired by the Bay Area Thrash legacy and other titans of the scene, aren't new to the game, they've already crossed paths in different tribute bands before converging their powers for PRAETOR.
The band kicked off their journey with a thunderous show in France, marking just the beginning. Their riff-driven mayhem has reverberated across Luxembourg, Holland, and Germany, leaving a trail of electrified metalheads in their wake.
Get ready to be thrashed into oblivion, PRAETOR's not here to play, they're here to reignite the fire of pure metal energy.
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Buckle up, metalheads! PRAETOR is here to redefine thrash metal, and they're cranking it up to eleven.