Progeny of Sun - "Throne of Desolation"


Upcoming Release:

Progeny of Sun Unleashes the Fiery Debut Album 'Throne of Desolation'!

Calling all blackened death metal seekers! Get ready to embrace the infernal rhythms of Finland's prodigious force, Progeny of Sun, as they drop their long-awaited debut album, 'Throne of Desolation', on December 8th, 2023, courtesy of the legendary Inverse Records.
Tracklist Tease: A Glimpse Into Darkness!
Forged by the Devil
Heartless Dome
False Radiance
Human Disposal Site
War of the Ages
Meet the Masters of Mayhem - The Line-Up:
Niko Aromaa: Vocals
Jaakko Hautamäki: Guitar
Joni Kiviniemi: Guitar
Tuomo Tolkki: Bass
Juha Peura: Drums
The origins of this sonic juggernaut began as a duo—Jaakko Hautamäki and Niko Aromaa—crafting a symphony that ranges from blistering speed to brooding atmospheres. Their initial EP garnered immense praise, but these fiends hungered for more. Thus, the summoning of Joni Kiviniemi, Juha Peura, and Tuomo Tolkki joined the sinister coven, transforming Progeny of Sun into a behemoth.
After unleashing the EP 'Dark Wanderer' and wielding singles 'Worthless' and 'Anguish', Progeny of Sun has found its identity. Now, brace yourselves for 'Throne of Desolation', a testament to terrorizing existence in multiple forms when authority reigns supreme. It's more than an album; it's an auditory inferno set to consume your soul! 🤘