Thundermother - "I Left My License In The Future"


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Thundermother Returns with New Single "I Left My License In The Future"

Get ready for a thunderous return as the Swedish rock sensation, THUNDERMOTHER, unleashes their brand new single, "I Left My License In The Future." Following an eye-catching line-up change, this release marks the band's triumphant comeback. But that's not all – the song comes with a jaw-dropping, straightforward, energetic, and undeniably catchy punch that's destined to become a hit.
Produced by the Danish mastermind Soren Andersen (known for his work with Pretty Maids, D-A-D, Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, and more), "I Left My License In The Future" is a testament to THUNDERMOTHER's vocal prowess and songwriting skills. It's a sonic force to be reckoned with, setting the stage for the band to make their mark on a global scale.
The accompanying music video, now premiering, serves as the perfect visual complement to this electrifying track. THUNDERMOTHER is back, and they're ready to rock your world.
So, metalheads and rock enthusiasts, be prepared for the electrifying return of THUNDERMOTHER with "I Left My License In The Future". It's a sonic storm you won't want to miss!
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Thundermother are:
Linnéa Vikström Egg (VOX)
Filippa Nässil (GUITAR)
Majsan Lindberg (BASS)
Joan Massing (DRUMS)