Under A Spell - "Freya"


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Under A Spell: Enter the Heavy Metal Realm of "Freya"

Prepare to be ensnared in the magical world of "Under a Spell", where heavy metal reigns supreme! Hailing from the depths of Ft. Worth, Texas, this band's new creation, "Freya", is a concoction that brews the essence of heavy metal's past, present, and future.
Led by a frontwoman whose voice resonates like an angel sent from the metal gods, "Under a Spell" is not your run-of-the-mill band. With drums that could rival Thor's hammer, bass lines that melt hearts, and guitars summoning a tonal storm, their music is an enchanting experience that'll leave any metalhead thirsting for more.
"Under a Spell" isn't just a band; it's an incantation that'll captivate your soul. "Freya" is a potion every metal enthusiast needs in their collection. The kind of magic they weave isn't just mesmerizing; it's a heavy metal revelation!
Don't miss their mesmerizing performances on YouTube and immerse yourself in the auditory sorcery. Or, fuel your playlists on Spotify with their magical tunes. For the dedicated Apple users, "Freya" is awaiting your ears on Apple Music. And for the true metal enthusiasts, support them directly on Bandcamp!
With Extreme Management Group steering their booking endeavors, the band's journey into metal realms is just beginning. Follow them on their magical journey via their official website and social media channels.
"Under a Spell" has arrived, and the heavy metal enchantment is real. Dive into their mystical world and let the heavy metal spell consume you!