Papy Jeff Metal's Favorite of the Day: ABHCAN

Abhcan: Forged in Friendship, Fueled by Metal, and Unleashing "The Pit"

ABHCAN - Sex It Up


In the mystical crucible of friendship and metal, the saga of Abhcan began in the year 2000. Two high school mavericks, Gast riffing on the rhythm guitar and Steph handling the bass, ignited their musical voyage by churning out covers of their revered metal and rock legends. Enter the thunderous presence of Yaume on the drums, injecting an infusion of ferocity and extreme metal into their collective identity.
For a decade, the ethos was simple - jamming, riffing, and soaking in the pure essence of music. But the winds of change blew strong when Arno joined the fray in 2012. Suddenly, the quartet felt an insatiable hunger to craft their own sonic saga. Stages in Paris, like the legendary Gibus and the resounding Trabendo, bore witness to their burgeoning prowess.
In 2015, Abhcan unfurled their inaugural self-produced demo, "Redemption," with a former vocalist who, alas, departed due to geographical tribulations. However, destiny had a different chapter inscribed.
Lina's arrival in 2017 heralded a new era. The wheels of creation spun feverishly as the band delved into conceiving their maiden album. The infusion of lyrical and chest-pounding singing, coupled with a mélange of guttural growls and banshee-like screams, metamorphosed the essence of Abhcan's melodies.
Fast forward to 2020, the curtain unveiled their thunderous masterpiece, "The Pit." An album that reverberates with the promise of thunder and lightning stormed the sonic realms, encapsulating the relentless energy and passion of Abhcan. Meanwhile, the crusade to spread their symphonic conquest commenced in late 2019, conquering Parisian stages like the illustrious Backstage By The Mill, the vibrant New Morning, and the maritime citadel, Petit Bain.
Not to be overshadowed, their latest EP "Build & Break", unleashed on March 10, 2023, via M&O Music, serves as a thunderous testament to their unyielding evolution and indomitable spirit.
And now, dear metal aficionados, immerse yourselves in Abhcan's journey - a saga woven from camaraderie, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of sonic immortality. 'The Pit' may have stormed our auditory senses in 2020, yet its echoes continue to resonate, an anthem to their dedication and passion.
So, strap in, raise the horns high, and let Abhcan's symphony envelop your metal-loving souls!
Witnessing bands like Abhcan evolve from garage jams to conquering stages epitomizes the essence of metal. The raw energy from 'The Pit' album, released in 2020, still reverberates as a testament to their dedication. Abhcan's relentless pursuit of sonic evolution is an inspiration. Horns up, metal brethren - let the music transcend!