ApoGod Project - Tower of Babel


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ApoGod Project's Tower of Babel: Epic Journey into Surreal Prog Metal World Unveiled!

Prepare your senses for a sonic and visual odyssey as ApoGod Project unleashes the mind-bending music video for "Tower of Babel"
The Sicilian prog-metal collective dropped this eye-popping masterpiece on November 27, 2023, courtesy of Metal Zone Italia, and it's set to blow minds.
Taken from the enigmatic concept album "A Prog Bible," this video is a jaw-dropping visual feast shot in the mystical landscapes of Messina, Sicily. Picture this: a woman lost in the surreal City of Babel, encountering mysterious inhabitants and getting entangled in their mind-bending world.

"We wanted a location that screamed "Tower of Babel" and this abandoned site was spot on. No roof, representing its collapse, yet emanating an eerie, mysterious vibe" shares ApoGod Project. "Hooded, masked figures - almost like a sect - lure our protagonist into their world. She gets so absorbed that she becomes one of them, masked and unrecognizable".
The visuals, directed by Filippo Morabito (Filmor), weave a tale of intrigue, featuring a mesmerizing dance by Giada Minissale and a cast of enigmatic extras. From the Megaliths of Argimusco to the abandoned colony of Colli S. Rizzo, this video is an audiovisual feast that'll leave you questioning reality.
Dive into the bizarre and otherworldly with ApoGod Project's "Tower of Babel" video. But be warned: once you're in, there's no turning back.