Hatred Reigns - "Awaken The Ancients"


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Hatred Reigns Unleashes Metal Inferno with "Awaken The Ancients"

Ottawa's very own Hatred Reigns has set ablaze the world of death metal yet again, this time with their epic masterpiece, "Awaken The Ancients." Released on December 1st, 2023, this concept album takes a dark dive into classical literature and the realm of death metal titans, infusing a breath of fresh air into the genre.
Pushing the boundaries of modern metal, Hatred Reigns crafts a sonic opus, melding technical riffs, guttural growls, and bone-rattling blast beats that'll reverberate through every metalhead's soul. Brace yourself for a musical onslaught that traverses realms of affliction and affirmation—a full-blown auditory adventure.
Their latest single, "Ushered By Charon", serves as a gateway to this hellish journey, immersing listeners in a desolate wasteland where lost souls drift aimlessly, overseen by the enigmatic Charon, the Ferrier of souls.
This album isn't just a collection of tracks; it's a testament to collaboration and creativity. Guitarist Jeff Calder spearheaded the songwriting, with each band member infusing their unique essence into the compositions. From evolving elements to spontaneous creation, the album's creation was a dynamic process that birthed a truly visceral experience.
Prepare for an assault on your senses as Hatred Reigns aims to transport listeners through the realms explored in their journey to Necropia. For enthusiasts of Behemoth, Cryptopsy, and Suffocation, this album is a must-have in your metal arsenal.
Previous Videos:
"Departing Archeron" - https://youtu.be/UkHuDhTsTWA​
"Awaken The Ancients" - https://youtu.be/e6UZwj9YumA​
Album and live lineup:
Mitchi Dimitriadis: Vocals
Jeff Calder: Guitars
Neil Grandy: Drums
Adam Semler: Bass & Vocals
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Facebook: Hatred Reigns
As someone who revels in the darkest depths of metal, Hatred Reigns' "Awaken The Ancients" is a sheer inferno—brutal, technical, and thematically rich. Dive into their sonic labyrinth and let the metal mayhem ensue!