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Lord Of The Lost Unleashes Explosive Video Cover for Roxette’s “The Look” Featuring Blümchen

Hold onto your leather-studded hats! LORD OF THE LOST, no strangers to electrifying covers, are back at it again. This time, they've dropped a mind-blowing official video covering Roxette’s classic hit “The Look” following their killer rendition of Billy Idol's “Shock To The System”.
Already a smash from their chart-topping album, Blood & Glitter (2022), “The Look” has resurfaced in the band's upcoming 2CD special edition and digital re-release of their first-ever cover album, Weapons Of Mass Seduction, set to hit airwaves on December 29, 2023.
Picture this: the thunderous pulse of metal-infused nostalgia meeting the infectious melody of Roxette. It’s a collision of worlds that you never knew you needed until now. This electrifying concoction is bound to set your speakers on fire and your head into a headbang frenzy!
The video? A visual feast! Brace yourself for an explosive showcase featuring not just LORD OF THE LOST’s unmistakable energy but also an unexpected yet incredible guest appearance by Blümchen.
Prepare for a ride down the memory lane twisted with a heavy metal riff; "The Look" cover might cause uncontrollable headbanging and a sudden urge to dig out your leather jackets.
Here’s the link to the firecracker video: Roxette's “The Look” by LORD OF THE LOST (feat. Blümchen)
Pre-Order your copy of "Weapons Of Mass Seduction" here: https://woms.lordofthelost.de/