Malevolent - "Gaze"


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Malevolent Strikes Again with New Single "Gaze"

Prepare your eardrums for an epic symphony of metal madness! Malevolent, the fiery fusion from the depths of Belgium and Spain, is back on the scene, summoning cinematic symphonies that'd make Hollywood composers take notes. Think epic orchestration colliding with vocals that'd make angels envious and death grunts so deep, they tickle the earth's core.
Their arsenal? The first self-titled EP, a sonic beast set to rampage alongside Necktwister on December 21, 2023. It's a date to mark on your calendar, headbangers!
But hey, no need to wait in agony for this symphonic metal feast. Dive into the abyss now with "Gaze":
Malevolent isn't just a band; they're the thunderous storm brewing in the metal skies. So, grab your cloak, summon your inner symphony conductor, and brace yourself for a headbanging adventure of epic proportions! 🤘