Mist Descends - "Hexagon"


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Mist Descends Unleashes Mystical Marvel "Hexagon" from Forthcoming EP!

When it comes to mystique and melodic metal, the Finnish outfit Mist Descends takes the crown. Their newest single "Hexagon" is a cosmic journey into the enigmatic secrets of the universe. Just hit play and embark on an interstellar voyage—trust us, it’s a trip worth taking!
The band's origins trace back to 2014 when a group of music-loving pals in Helsinki decided to create some sonic magic. And magic they've made! Over the years, their sound has morphed and twisted into something new, carving a space of its own in the metal cosmos.
So, what’s the deal with "Hexagon," you ask? Well, it’s all about the cosmic mysteries that boggle our minds. From the grandeur of Saturn's mesmerizing hexagonal cloud pattern to the honeycombs and turtle shells right here on Earth, the hexagon shape holds the universe’s secrets.
The band puts it this way: "This track is an astral escapade into the unknown, a musical odyssey birthed from our collective imagination. Each of us has put a piece of our cosmic spirit into crafting 'Hexagon'. Enjoy the ride!"
Ready to take the plunge into this cosmic whirlwind? Get your hands—or ears, rather—on "Hexagon" across all music services right here!
Meet the masters behind the music:
Julia: Vocals
Niko: Guitar & Vocals
Peltsi: Lead Guitars
Eppu: Keyboard
Jerry: Bass
Jussi: Drums

Stay tuned with Mist Descends via Instagram and catch their interstellar updates on Facebook. These folks are setting the metal universe on fire, one cosmic tune at a time!