RE-X - "Carattere di Merda"


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Re-X: Reconstructing the Metal Realm with Electrifying Evolution

From national TV to the Ariston stage at Sanremo Rock, RE-X's ascent was a thunderous tempest that magnetized hearts and eardrums. The original power trio—Crystal Emiliani belting out vocals, Francis D. Mary shredding guitars while adding secondary vocals, and Marco Antonio Sergi providing the bass backbone and backing vocals—etched a sonic path that resonated fiercely with metal zealots.
But lo and behold, 2022 summoned winds of change. Ivan thunderously assumed the drum throne, heralding the departure of bassist Marco Antonio Sergi. Yet, amidst this tumult, the electric synergy and shared vision of the trio propelled them forward, doubling down on studio sessions and riff-writing galore, paving the way for their eagerly anticipated inaugural album.
Enter the reign of 2023—it's RE-X o'clock, and they're here to rattle your bones. Tune in for the unleashing of RE-X's musical fury, where electrifying riffs and tumultuous beats collide, forging a bold new era in metal.
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