SINN-INC - Kill Your Idols


Upcoming Release:

SINN-INC: The Thrash Resurrection!

Paris unleashes a metal revival as SINN-INC, led by guitarist Mahtai, revitalizes the ferocious tunes of French thrash legends SINN! Joined by international talents from Canada, Argentina, and Italy, SINN-INC is ready to launch an electrifying fusion of hardcore thrash that'll make you bang your head harder than a hurricane!
Mark your calendars for January 22, 2024, as SINN-INC unveils "Kill Your Idols", an album that pays homage to SINN's legacy. The band reshapes 8 hard-hitting tracks from SINN's earlier days, giving them a fiery reboot for the modern era.
SINN-INC's sonic adventure combines brutal thrash with melodic accents and tantalizingly dark atmospheres. Prepare for raw and unapologetic lyrics that'll challenge your thoughts and stir your soul.
Their album artwork, crafted by the talented Csaba Kasik, symbolizes a journey toward liberation from ingrained beliefs. It's like a metal pilgrimage—a symbolic journey of self-transformation, where one's past self is obliterated, paving the way for a radical rebirth.
SINN-INC's resurrection of thrash metal's glory is an epic testament to the genre's enduring power. Their blend of raw energy and melodic darkness is a headbanging pilgrimage worth embarking upon! 🤘