Signs Preyer - "III"


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Signs Preyer Unleashes 'III': A Triumphant Shift in Metal Dynamics

Italy's metal juggernauts, Signs Preyer, took a plunge into the abyss of transformation when Eric, the second guitarist, departed after a decade of sonic exploits. What emerged from this metamorphosis was "III" a testament to their resilience and raw, unfiltered musical prowess.
Reduced to a trio, Signs Preyer didn't just survive; they thrived. Five unreleased tracks burst forth from the depths of their collective anguish, fuelled by a fiery sense of vengeance or, perhaps, the cathartic release from pain. Live renditions of these tracks, melded with reworked classics from their prior albums due to the guitar void, garnered overwhelming praise. Their audience, always a beacon of support, showered them with applause that echoed through the ages.
But alas, fate had its own chaotic plans. The pandemic's claws sank into their creative fervor, delaying the album's release until November 12, 2022. Yet, this hiatus only fueled their resolve to craft something authentic—so raw and real that they decided to record it live, save for the vocals, solos, and a sprinkle of reinforcement. Any glitch, and the song was reborn from its primal essence.
"III" is more than an album; it's an audacious venture into uncharted territories, a sonic expedition where Signs Preyer breaks free from established molds, birthing a new era for the trio.
Curious to witness their metamorphosis? Take a journey with "My Solitude" in this official video.
As a fellow metal enthusiast, I'd say "III" is like a sonic kaleidoscope—each riff, each beat is a vibrant shard of a revitalized band, breathing new life into the very essence of metal. Dive in and witness Signs Preyer's rebirth!