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German metal titans Stormhunter are set to release their fourth album on MDD Records in 2024!

Get ready to raise your horns and bang those heads because Stormhunter, the seasoned heavy metal warriors hailing from Germany, are back in action! With a track record that spans back to '98 and an arsenal of face-melting releases, this five-piece powerhouse is prepping to drop their latest masterpiece.
After the thunderous success of their last EPs, "Ready For Boarding" (2020) and "Strangle With Care" (2022), Stormhunter's alliance with MDD Records signals a meteoric rise in their metal crusade. Brace yourselves, as their upcoming 11-track album, meticulously forged at Iguana Studios under the watchful eye of producer Christoph Brandes, is primed to be an auditory blitzkrieg.
This isn't just another album; it's a thunderstorm of metal, promising to keep the flame of classic heavy metal burning bright while exploring uncharted territories.
As the storm gathers, keep your ears peeled and your battle vests ready for the revelations that Stormhunter has in store for metalheads everywhere. Spring 2024 is set to become a battlefield of epic riffs and thunderous beats!
Warning: May cause uncontrollable headbanging, excessive air guitar shredding, and an urge to shout "Metal lives forever!"