Wizards Of Hazards - Grapes Of Wrath


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Wizards of Hazards: Conjuring Vintage Metal Magic from Middle Finland

Wizards Of Hazards - Grapes Of Wrath
Imagine a gaggle of old wizards from the heart of Middle Finland, huddled around vintage instruments, weaving spells with heavy music—enter Wizards of Hazards. These geezers share a peculiar affinity for all things vintage, summoning the raw energy of 70s heavy metal in their enchanting compositions.
Their tunes, an elixir of analog vibrations, transport listeners back through forgotten ages, drawing lyrical inspiration from bygone eras, supernatural phenomena, and the mystical lore of ancient tales. For these sonic sorcerers, the digital age is the nemesis; they champion analog's warmth in a world gone cold.
These mystics are no fans of commercial spells; their craft is for the sheer love of music-making or using their powers for good. They adhere to the 'less is more' creed in live performances, reserving their touring magic for those destined to rock the realms.
- "Black Moon Ep": Unreleased gems echoing from the analog era.
- "Blind Leads The Blind Ep": A 2020 release via Inverse Records, a trifecta of tracks ensconced in Astia-Studio's mastery.
- "End of Time": Their debut album, a 2021 offering via Inverse Records, featuring the acclaimed "Blind Leads The Blind Ep" and eight enchanting tracks forged at Astia-Studio.
- "Black Wizard Ep": Unleashed in 2021 via Inverse Records, three tracks oozing with Astia-Studio's sonic enchantment.
- "Moonpowers": A single from the forthcoming Supernatural album, casting its spell through Inverse Records in 2022, mastered by the magic hands of Astia-Studio.
- "Supernatural": Their sophomore album, a 2023 enchantment via Inverse Records, boasting eight tracks crafted in the sonic cauldrons of Astia-Studio.
Cover Art & Illustrations: The mystical artwork of Amir Bitar adds visual incantations to their musical sorcery.
These wizards aren't just brewing music; they're conjuring an entire realm of vintage metal wizardry. Unleashing tunes from the analog ages, Wizards of Hazards stand as sonic alchemists, spinning gold from the dust of ancient tales. 🤘