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Wolfsinger: Roaring with the Spirit of Old School Heavy Metal

Wolfsinger - The Hypnotist

Born from the minds of Haron Wolf and Raffaella Singer back in 2012, Wolfsinger is a testament to the enduring power of classic heavy metal. Joined by drummer Gillo and guitarist Davide Mantovan in 2014, this band has been on a rampage, spreading their original sound inspired by the pure essence of heavy metal.
Their journey started with the release of their first demo, "Jump on the Head" in 2014. Collaborating with the legendary German author Stephan George and ex-Warlock and Rage guitarist Rudy Graf, Wolfsinger burst onto the scene, making their presence known with a headbanging anthem.
Continuing their relentless pursuit of metal mastery, May of 2016 marked the unleashing of their self-produced full-length album, "Living with the Inner Beast". With themes delving into the primal instincts of mankind, this album stands as a growling tribute to our inner animalistic urges.
Their music? It's a raw, unfiltered throwback to the golden age of heavy metal, urging you to grab hold of your hair and give that head a good bang!
And hey, if you're looking for a metal night that's hotter than a dragon's breath, Wolfsinger's got you covered with their brainchild, the "Metal Queen's Burning Nights". With a sound that'll transport you back to the era of leather, spikes, and relentless guitar riffs, Wolfsinger isn't just a band; it's a headbanging experience waiting to happen! 🤘