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AGUELENNA Unleashes French Rock Fury with Debut Album "Aguelenna"

Straight outta Paris, Aguelenna is storming onto the scene with the force of a thousand guitar riffs and the finesse of poetic lyrics. With a gig count that rivals a metalhead's collection of band patches, these rock maestros have shared stages with the likes of Mademoiselle K, Lou Reed, and the legendary Tri Yann.
But hold your horses; Aguelenna isn't claiming to reinvent the wheel. No, they're breaking free from the constraints of a formulaic style and gradually embracing an unabashedly rock vibe in the French language. Picture Superbus, Paramore, and Skip The Use jamming in a garage, and you're in Aguelenna's ballpark. They're rocking the American sound, but they're doing it in français.
The proof is in the pudding—or in their case, the EP "Jour de foire", released in 2017. Critics gave it the nod, and in 2019, fueled by the encouragement, the trio set their sights on crafting a full-blown album. With the guiding hand of SMAC L'Empreinte (Savigny-le-Temple 77), Aguelenna took the time to dive deep into every facet of creation.
Fast forward to spring 2023, and they've got a mixed and mastered album courtesy of Fred Dusquene (Mass Hysteria, Les Brigittes, Lofofora, Ultra Vomit...). The trio hits the stage to unveil the "new sound" of Aguelenna, earning themselves the 2nd prize from Sacem (Best Lyrics Award) at the finale of Seine-et-Marne's contemporary music competition.
Doors start swinging wide open, and M&O Music steps in as their label for the release of their self-titled debut album on February 2, 2024. But wait, they didn't just drop the album bomb; they had a sneak attack with the first single and music video, "Pink Punk", unleashed on October 26, 2023. Check it out: Pink Punk on YouTube.
Aguelenna: The French Rock Phenomenon
So, what's the verdict on Aguelenna's sonic onslaught? Brace yourself for a whirlwind of French lyrics that pack a poetic punch, riding on the thunderous waves of American rock. The trio is here to shake up the scene, and with the promising start of "Pink Punk", it seems like they're on the right track.
Whether you're into headbanging to the raw energy or dissecting the lyrics for their poetic depth, Aguelenna's debut album promises a rollercoaster ride through the French rock landscape. So mark your calendars for February 2, 2024, and get ready to dive into the sonic universe of Aguelenna.
Aguelenna's Journey in a Nutshell:
2017: EP "Jour de foire"
2019: Album production kicks off with SMAC L'Empreinte
Spring 2023: Album mixed and mastered by Fred Dusquene
2023: 2nd prize Sacem at Seine-et-Marne's music competition
February 2, 2024: Debut album release with M&O Music
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