Animamortua - "Gods Among Us"


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Malta's Metal Crusaders Animamortua Unleash 'Gods Among Us': A Thrash-Powered Odyssey!

Release Date: October 20, 2023 via UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY RECORDS

Animamortua, a powerhouse from the tiny island of Malta. Brace yourselves, metalheads, because 'Gods Among Us' is about to drop like a metal meteor, and it's packing a punch that'll make the gods themselves headbang!
Fronted by the powerhouse Juan Xerri on vocals and backed by the relentless trio of Clayton Cini and Emanuel Portelli on guitars, Steven Azzopardi on bass, and Josef Bray on drums, Animamortua is a force to be reckoned with. Thrash, Power, and Speed Metal run through their veins, and it shows.
Since their explosive debut at the Xtreme Metal Assault festival in 2016, Animamortua has been on a relentless mission. Sharing stages with metal giants like Blaze Bayley, Civil War, and Necronomicon, they've left the Maltese Metal scene trembling in their wake. Their live performances are like a metal rollercoaster – fast, intense, and utterly unforgettable.
October 20, 2023, marks the day when Animamortua unleashes 'Gods Among Us' via Underground Symphony Records. Imagine the sonic lovechild of Nevermore, Symphony X, and the glorious 90s era of Dio – that's the auditory journey that awaits. Aggressive guitar riffs, melodic interludes, powerful vocals, and a rhythm section faster than a Metallica solo – it's all there.
Before the metal apocalypse arrives, get a taste of Animamortua's sonic might. Watch their video for "Dying Universe" here and brace yourself. Don't forget to subscribe because you'll want a front-row seat to this metal spectacle.
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As a metal enthusiast, discovering Animamortua feels like unearthing a hidden metal gem. 'Gods Among Us' is a fusion of metal styles that hits all the right notes – aggressive, melodic, and downright epic. The Maltese metal scene has a new champion, and I'm strapping in for the sonic ride of the year! 🤘