Crowjack - "Ruins Speak"


Remember, It Was Released in 2022:

Crowjack Resurrects Metal Glory with "Ruins Speak" - A Saga of Grit, Guts, and Guitar Riffs!

In the annals of metal history, one name rises from the ashes like a phoenix with a headbanging anthem – Crowjack. Founded in the metal forge of 1998 by the illustrious singer/songwriter Rod Lutes, a small-town hero from Lake Milton, Ohio, this band has weathered storms, health issues, and even the occasional hangover. But guess what? They're back, louder and more ferocious than ever!
Rod Lutes, after two decades of navigating the club circuit with various cover bands, decided it was time to unleash his own metal opus. Thus, in late 1999, Crowjack's debut album, "...And We All Fall Down", hit the airwaves, courtesy of Razz Records. The metal community took notice, the world felt the ground shake, and Crowjack was on the map.
However, life threw a few curveballs, and the band had to take a breather due to health woes. But fear not, metalheads, for Crowjack is not one to stay down. After a solid recovery, they roared back in 2006 with the self-titled EP, proving that the metal spirit runs deep in their veins.
The band's journey has been a rollercoaster of success, hiatus, and resurgence. The saga continued in 2015 when the writing bug bit them again. Fast forward four years of blood, sweat, and many sleepless nights in the studio, and Crowjack proudly presents their latest magnum opus – "Ruins Speak". Released in the fall of 2022 under the Razz Records banner, this record is the culmination of their unwavering dedication to the metal cause.
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Crowjack is back, and they're ready to unleash a metal storm that'll leave you headbanging for years to come!
"Ruins Speak" is not just an album; it's a testament to resilience, passion, and the unyielding spirit of metal. Crowjack has woven a sonic tapestry that'll resonate with every metal enthusiast, reminding us that true grit is the heartbeat of this genre. So, crank up the volume, throw up those horns, and let Crowjack lead you through a metal journey that's pure, unadulterated glory. 🤘