Endlevel - "Weekend War"


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Endlevel's "Weekend War": A Sonic Blitzkrieg that Leaves You Begging for More!


Hold onto your battle vests, metalheads, because Southern Germany's Endlevel is back, and they're armed to the teeth with their second album, "Weekend War", released on February 24th, 2023. If you're a fan of chaos, riffs that hit like a tank, and lyrics that don't take themselves too seriously, this is your call to arms!
Founded in 2011 in the metal-rich grounds of Balingen, these Teutonic titans—Jonas Frey (drums), Ken Ratheiser (guitar), Robin Willkommen (guitar), Kai Bez (bass), and Robin Richard (vocals)—have been unleashing sonic warfare dedicated to the unholy marriage of death and thrash metal. Picture this: Thrashy riffs with a death metal twist, guttural growls, high thrash vocals, and lyrics that are a perfect mix of metal seriousness and humor.
Now, if you're unfamiliar with these metal marauders, let me bring you up to speed. Endlevel kicked down the door to the metal scene in 2017 with their first album, "Time To Kill", leaving a trail of destruction across Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, France, and every corner of Germany. Festival stages like Bang Your Head, Burgbrand Open Air, and Metal Embrace have witnessed the sonic onslaught of Endlevel, and it’s safe to say, the metalheads have been left hungry for more.
Fast forward to 2023, and the guys are back with "Weekend War". The album is like a metal buffet—thrashy riffs, death metal brutality, and lyrics that are a nod to the eternal bond between metal and beer. Produced by Christian Schäfer, the sound is a relentless barrage that will leave you headbanging from start to finish.
"Unleash War" kicks off the album like a machine gun firing in a rhythmic barrage. The intelligent use of blast beat passages, a guest solo by Simon Schwarzer (Fateful Finality), and a relentless march forward—this track is a declaration of war on your eardrums.
"Hangover From Hell" is a party anthem for those who've danced with the devil until sunrise. It encapsulates the essence of an Endlevel night—thrashy riffing, growls, and a video that's a snapshot of a night out with these metalheads. It's a hangover you'll proudly wear as a badge of honor.
"Nuclear Inferno" showcases Endlevel's thrashy side, with a riff that could've knocked on Gary Holt's door. The cleverly doubled vocals and a breakdown that's the foam crown on your beer make it an absolute banger and a live show favorite in the making.
"Slaves To Instinct" is a rhythmic mid-tempo banger that invites you to bang your head vigorously. Lead melodies from Ratheiser and Willkommen make this song an unforgettable journey, proving that, in the end, we're all slaves to our metal instincts.
As I put "Weekend War" on repeat, I can't help but be impressed. It's a journey into the heart of metal, where aggression meets melody, and the weekend never ends. If you love your death metal with a side of thrash, this album is your golden ticket to the metal circus.
Endlevel's "Weekend War" is a relentless assault on the senses. It's a beer-soaked, riff-driven escapade that leaves you craving for more. The blend of thrash and death metal, coupled with the band's undeniable charisma, makes this album a standout in the metal landscape of 2024.