Eye Of Fenris - "The House of Hades"


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Eye Of Fenris Unleashes Metal Mayhem with 'The House of Hades' (Release Date: September 29, 2023)


If the idea of an international melodic death metal powerhouse makes your eardrums do a little happy dance, then Eye of Fenris is about to become your new favorite auditory obsession. Hailing from the unholy trinity of Denmark, Portugal, and the US, these sonic sorcerers are here to melt your face off, and they don't care where in the world you headbang from.
Founded in 2018 by the riff-wizard Lasse Egerup Mouritsen, Eye of Fenris quickly expanded its ranks, adding Sergio Ramos' ferocious vocals in 2020. As if that wasn't enough, they summoned the mighty Rob Rath to join as co-producer and engineer in 2021, who eventually took up the drumsticks full-time in 2023. Talk about a lineup that could conquer the realms of metal faster than you can say "Mjölnir".
Now, Eye of Fenris isn't your run-of-the-mill metal band. They're the lovechild of Kataklysm, Arch Enemy, and Amon Amarth, creating a sound that's as brutal as a dragon's roar yet as melodic as a harpy's song. Drawing influences from the black, death, thrash, groove, and industrial domains, these guys don't just break the mold – they pulverize it into oblivion.
With two EPs and a full-length LP already under their battle-worn belts, Eye of Fenris is not just a flash in the metal pan; they're forging an auditory saga that's bound to echo through the metal halls for years to come. But hey, don't take our word for it – hit up their YouTube channel and let the riffage do the talking: https://youtu.be/TSxPl7OGKh4
And if your Spotify playlist needs a kick in the eardrums, Eye of Fenris has got you covered. Follow them at https://open.spotify.com/artist/4mMRnBBJgh1qfHh0Qm1YqO and add them to your playlists, or better yet, support their metal crusade on Bandcamp: https://eyeoffenris.bandcamp.com/album/the-house-of-hades
Now, it's time for a personal decree. Eye of Fenris isn't just a band; they're the sonic architects of your metal destiny. With 'The House of Hades,' they're not knocking on the door of metal greatness; they're kicking it down and demanding a seat at the headbanging table. Bow to the riff, embrace the roar, and let Eye of Fenris lead you into a metal saga that's nothing short of epic. 🤘