Heavy Crown - Stranger Things Can Happen


Upcoming Release:

Heavy Crown: Valence's Alternative Rock Titans Ready to Unleash Debut EP!


Valence (France), prepare for a seismic shift in your music scene because Heavy Crown is gearing up to rule the alternative rock kingdom! Picture this: a trio of musical magicians conjuring a blend of rock wizardry that's as catchy as it is electrifying.
Led by a bassist/vocalist who's a one-man symphony, doubling up on bass and guitar duties like it's no big deal, Heavy Crown crafts a sound that's a sonic rollercoaster ride. Think Royal Blood meets Muse at a Twenty One Pilots gig, and you're getting warmer.
Their unique style is like a musical patchwork quilt—rock's power chords, catchy melodies, sprinkled with electro, indie, and a dash of rap for that extra kick. They're not just pushing boundaries; they're smashing them with a sledgehammer.
With three tracks already making waves among their growing fanbase, the anticipation for their debut EP, slated for January 19, 2024, is skyrocketing faster than a guitar solo at a metal fest.
These guys are like musical alchemists—conjuring up tunes that speak to the soul while making your head bob involuntarily. And let's talk about that bass doubling as a guitar; it's like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat—mind-blowing and utterly captivating.
Heavy Crown isn't just another band; they're a musical expedition, charting unexplored territories and inviting everyone along for the ride. So, Valence, brace yourselves—your speakers are about to get a heavy dose of sonic sorcery.

Heavy Crown's fusion of alternative rock with eclectic influences creates a tapestry of sound that's both familiar and refreshingly new. The anticipation for their debut EP is well-founded; their ability to blend genres seamlessly while delivering catchy hooks and powerful melodies is impressive. The bassist's innovative technique adds a layer of complexity to their music that sets them apart. Each released track hints at their potential, and I'm excited to see how their full EP will showcase their range and creativity. Heavy Crown isn't just a band; they're a promising force in the making, and their EP release could mark the beginning of a captivating musical journey for both the band and their growing fanbase.