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John DeMena Unleashes Explosive Live Video for 'I the People' Straight from the Heart of LA's Metal Scene

Brace yourself, metalheads! The dynamic force that is John DeMena has just dropped a live video for his jaw-dropping track, "I the People", setting the Metal scene ablaze. Hailing from the City of Angels, this rock virtuoso is taking no prisoners with his latest release.
The adrenaline-pumping performance was captured during DeMena's 2023 gig at the legendary Viper Room in West Hollywood, California. If you're thinking of a sonic journey that kicks off with a bang, "I the People" is your ticket to a visceral, headbanging experience. DeMena, the maestro behind the madness, shares, "I wanted this song to start with this epic and hypnotic sonic universe, where the intensity and tension would build until exploding into a visceral, energetic riff".
Released as the opening track of his 2023 album "Dreams and Lies", this anthem has already earned its stripes. The album, featuring hits like "Eternal Eyes" and "Dreams and Lies", scored DeMena a staggering 8 international film awards and a truckload of nominations at prestigious film festivals, including the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and the Santiago Horror Film Festival.
"I the People" also found its place among the Best 50 Rock & Metal Songs of the week on Loudwire’s Weekly Wire playlist when it first hit the airwaves. DeMena spills the beans, "It is also the song I open concerts with and my favorite to play live because the riff and the solo are pure dynamite".
Don't just take our word for it – experience the explosive energy for yourself. Check out the mind-blowing video here: Watch 'I the People' Live
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So, fellow metal enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the intensity of John DeMena's musical universe. The Metal Gods have spoken, and their messenger is none other than this LA-based sonic sorcerer! 🤘