Octane - Back In The Game


It was Released in 2022:

Octane: French Rock/Metal Titans Ignite Their Engine!


Get ready to rev your engines because Octane is back, and they're burning rubber in the French rock/metal scene! For over a decade, this power trio has been crafting earworm-worthy original compositions, armed with riffs that'll cling to your brain like metal Velcro.
Their journey? It's a saga of friendship, passion, and enough beers and Jack to fill a stadium (or at least power a killer guitar solo). Alex on guitar, vocals, and composition, Fabien smashing it on drums, and Laurent laying down the bass groove—all held together by the unseen, backstage wizardry of Karol & Flo, their fearless managers.
Octane's evolution isn't just about music; it's a narrative of growth and exploration. Picture this: years of gigs, sweat-drenched rehearsals, and a sound that's as potent as their after-party beverages.
Now, here's the twist—after years of wielding a dual vocal sword with a female/male duo dynamic (Morgane on "C8H18" and Mali on "The Life I Choose" in 2021), Octane shifted gears in 2022. They've returned to their roots—a power trio, revving their engine to its fullest potential, embracing their carbu-metal style with a rhythm section that hits harder than a sledgehammer.
Goodbye, Covid drought! Octane is "Back In The Game," and they're not here to play it safe. Their website might as well have a "Caution: High Octane" sign because their music is about to set the speakers on fire.
As a fan, witnessing Octane's journey has been like riding shotgun in a metal-fueled rollercoaster. Their ability to reinvent while staying true to their signature sound is a testament to their musical prowess. This return to their roots as a power trio feels like a full-throttle blast into familiar yet uncharted territories. Brace yourselves—Octane's roaring back, and they're about to ignite the French rock/metal scene like never before.