Oxidize - "Rockstar"


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Oxidize Unleashes 'Rockstar': A Melodic Metal Anthem That Hits Harder Than a Mosh Pit Wall of Death!


Hold onto your leather jackets and brace yourselves, metal maniacs, because Oxidize, the Swedish of melodic metal, are back with a sonic uppercut that's guaranteed to make your speakers quake! Their latest track, "Rockstar", isn't just a song; it's a high-octane anthem that takes you on a journey from dreamer to global rock sensation.
Picture this: the first notes hit, and you're instantly transported to the front row of a sold-out arena, lights flashing, adrenaline surging, and the air pulsating with the energy of a thousand metalheads. "Rockstar" is not just a song; it's a shot of musical adrenaline straight to the veins.
With influences like Sorcerer, Royal Hunt, and the iconic Halford, Oxidize knows how to craft a melody that's as infectious as a metalhead's dedication to their favorite band. The track's release on January 12th marks a new era for the band, and if "Rockstar" is any indication, it's an era that's going to rock harder than ever.
But let's talk about the elephant in the room – that Spotify link that's practically begging to be clicked. Do yourself a favor, hit play, and let the melodic metal madness wash over you. Trust me; your eardrums will thank you later.
As a self metalhead of all things that make my speakers tremble, "Rockstar" is a breath of fresh air in a world saturated with generic tunes. It's the kind of track that makes you want to throw up the horns, bang your head, and scream the lyrics until your vocal cords beg for mercy.
So, fellow metal minions, heed the call of Oxidize's "Rockstar". Whether you're a seasoned headbanger or just dipping your toes into the metal ocean, this track is a must-add to your playlist. Oxidize isn't just a band; they're the architects of a sonic revolution, and "Rockstar" is your ticket to the front lines. Horns up, volume up, and let the metal mayhem begin! 🤘