Primordial Black - "MONAS HIEROGLYPHICA"


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Primordial Black: Tunisia's Blackened Death Metal Phenomenon Unleashes "MONAS HIEROGLYPHICA"

Primordial Black - The Worm That Gnaws At Night

From the creative depths of Tunisia emerges Primordial Black, a blistering quartet wielding the dark arts of Blackened Death Metal. Spearheaded by the mastermind guitarist and songwriter Yasser Mahammedi Bouzina, this infernal ensemble promises to shake the foundations of metal's underworld.
When Bouzina summoned the creative spirits, Mohamed Ben Hadida—an esteemed drummer with an accolade-studded track record—answered the call. Later fortified by the arrivals of Walid Chaaben (Lead Guitar) and Dalii Ghalselaouii (Bass Guitar), the band solidified its sonic arsenal.
Primordial Black isn't merely about riffs and beats; they aim to craft a disconcerting, hypnotic, and addictively dark ambiance. Their lyrical arsenal delves into realms inspired by the chilling tales of Hp Lovecraft, John Milton, and Clive Barker, setting the stage for a harrowing sonic journey.
Prepare your ears for the impending onslaught as Primordial Black readies their debut EP, "MONAS HIEROGLYPHICA", slated for release on January 12th, 2024, courtesy of M&O Music.

For those uninitiated into the abyss, brace yourself for an otherworldly experience. Stay tuned for the unveiling of their EP, destined to transport listeners to the very depths of sonic madness.
Primordial Black's debut EP announcement sends shivers down the spine in anticipation of what promises to be a darkly enchanting journey. With influences from literary legends and a penchant for crafting atmospheres that beckon the macabre, this EP might just be the key to unlocking a new realm of metal intensity. Stay dark, stay tuned!