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Unleashing Portuguese Punk Fury: Trinta & Um's "GRANADA NO CHARCO"

In a thunderous return that could rattle skulls, TRINTA & UM blasted onto the scene with their long-awaited fourth album, "GRANADA NO CHARCO". This powerhouse of a release isn't just music; it's a war cry echoing from the depths of the hardcore abyss.

For over two decades, these Portuguese punk lords have been stitching chaos into their sound, and this album marks a monumental moment in their legacy. After an intermission that felt like eons to fans, the classic lineup's resurrection in 2018 became the catalyst for this explosive comeback.
With a tracklist that could cause earthquakes - from the raw power of "Agora e Sempre LVHC" to the rebellious anthem "VIVA O PUNK" - these seven tracks deliver an unrelenting barrage. It's like getting hit by a truckload of rebellious spirit and sheer adrenaline.
"GRANADA NO CHARCO" isn't just an album; it's a statement. It's TRINTA & UM saying, "We're here, and we're louder than ever!"
And let's give a round of devil horns to Hell Xis Records for backing this rebellion. This label knows how to fuel the fire of independent artists, and TRINTA & UM's latest is a testament to their unwavering support.
So, fellow metalheads, grab this sonic grenade, crank up the volume, and dive headfirst into the chaos of TRINTA & UM's "GRANADA NO CHARCO". Brace yourselves; this is one hell of a mosh-inducing ride!
This album is a ferocious beast that roars with the soul of true punk spirit. TRINTA & UM haven't just returned; they've brought a hurricane of sound that demands attention. It's a declaration of their undying passion for hardcore music, and it's utterly exhilarating.