VNTER - "Unfolding"


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VNTER Unveils Explosive EP 'Unfolding' - A Metal Odyssey

In a thunderous revelation, Swedish arena rockers VNTER, featuring ex-members of White Limo, have set the metal realm ablaze with news of their upcoming EP, 'Unfolding,' slated to hit the airwaves on March 22, 2024. Prepare to be baptized in the sonic fire, for the first single and video, 'Holy Freedom', is set to unleash its power on February 9, 2024.
The first single 'Holy Freedom' can be pre-saved here:
Tracklist Unleashed:
Forever never ends
Pieces of me
Holy Freedom
New beginnings
Recorded in the heart of Sweden at Studio Soundport in Ulricehamn, 'Unfolding' is a sonic manifesto produced, mixed, and mastered by the musical maestro Micke Andersson. Brace yourselves, for Andersson also lends his vocal prowess and synth magic on "Forever never ends" and graces the keys on "Pieces of me".
VNTER's lineup reads like a metal symphony:
Andy Larsson - Guitar and Vocals
Oliver Gonzales Stiller - Bass
Alexander Wedding - Drums and backup vocals
Rickard Borg - Lead Guitar
Venturing from the ashes of White Limo, VNTER has been on a meteoric rise since their formation in November 2017 in Gothenburg. The band's magnetic stage presence has echoed across Sweden and beyond, leaving a trail of explosive interviews, radio waves, and live shows.
Andy Larsson, the visionary force behind VNTER, decided to resurrect the spirit of White Limo, infusing it with newfound energy. The result? The EP 'Unfolding,' a commercial masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of their signature sound.
But let's rewind to VNTER's hiatus, a two-year odyssey where the band regrouped, welcomed fresh blood (Oliver, Alexander, and Rickard), and recommitted to their mission - delivering colossal performances on both stage and tape.
In the words of Larsson, "If you take the blue pill, you'll believe whatever you want. Take the red pill, stay in VNTER's world, and witness how deep the rabbit hole goes".
As a metalhead, mark March 22nd on your calendar. VNTER's 'Unfolding' promises a journey into the abyss, where the music is loud, the energy is electric, and the rabbit hole runs deep. Stay tuned for the metal onslaught! 🤘