Volucrine - "ETNA"


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Volucrine Drops Heavy Vibes with "ETNA" - A Finnish Metal Adventure!


Alright, brace yourselves, metalheads! The Finnish powerhouse, Volucrine, is about to unleash their fourth album, "ETNA", on February 16th, 2024, thanks to the cool cats at Inverse Records. Get ready for a wild ride through the frosty Finnish landscapes, where melodic death metal meets modern vibes.
Picture this: Volucrine, the metal magicians from Kouvola, kicking it by the Kymijoki river, cooking up some serious sonic sorcery since 2009. Their mission? Spreading tales of real-life emotions and challenges, giving pain a run for its money. And let me tell you, their music is like a crazy mixtape of prog metal, melodic death metal, and metalcore, spiced up with some pop and rock goodness. It's a wild ride of feelings and frenzy, hitting you right in the metal-loving heart.
Now, "ETNA" is on the horizon, and it's shaping up to be a rollercoaster of headbanging madness. Expect killer guitar riffs, choruses that'll stick in your head for days, and vocals that'll make your grandma question what you're listening to.
The tracklist reads like a metal battle plan:
Old Friend
Scarred Earth
The Verge
Leading the charge is Jupe Velin on vocals, with Joni Kyynäräinen slapping the bass, Antti Heikkilä shredding on guitar, and Jani Aalto beating the drums into submission. This crew is the real deal, both in the studio and on stage.
And speaking of stages, after what feels like a metal eternity in the studio, Volucrine is itching to hit the road. These guys are known for tearing it up live, leaving fans with necks sore from headbanging and ears ringing for days.
So, fellow metal maniacs, mark February 16th on your calendar, 'cause "ETNA" is gonna erupt like a sonic volcano. If patience isn't your strong suit, secure your copy through CD preorders at the Inverse Records store. Get ready to dive into the metal madness of Volucrine, where emotion and frenzy collide, and metal rules the roost.
\m/ Stay savage, stay Volucrine \m/