Abandon All - Strong

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Melodic metal band Abandon All makes a powerful return


In a world where riffs reign supreme and anthems echo through the metal cosmos, Abandon All emerges with a powerhouse EP, aptly titled "Strong" Forget your woes and brace yourself for a sonic journey that's faster, more direct, .and undoubtedly stronger than a Viking's battle cry.
This melodic metal brigade isn't new to the scene – after dropping the epic "Far Away" in 2023, they're back with an arsenal of tracks that hit harder than a sledgehammer on an anvil. "Strong" EP isn't just music; it's a manifesto of empowerment, a celebration of friendships forged in the fires of metal passion, and a battle cry against toxic vibes.
Abandon All, born in the tumultuous year of 2020, has weathered storms to solidify its lineup, boasting Monia Sommer's commanding vocals, Juha Nygren and Kari Harjunniemi's twin guitar assault, Ami Havukainen's drum thunder, and Sami Heinonen's bass earthquakes. It's a lineup that screams "metal unity" louder than a distorted guitar solo.
Dive into the EP's single – a relentless anthem aptly named "Strong" – and let the waves of melodic intensity wash over you. This isn't your grandma's lullaby; it's a sonic hurricane that'll leave you headbanging with the vigor of a metal warrior in battle
Enjoy their latest release by listening on the link below: https://push.fm/fl/abandonall-strong

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"Strong-EP" by Abandon All is a musical elixir for the soul. From the relentless riffage to Monia Sommer's vocals that could summon demons, each track feels like a battle won in the arena of metal greatness. It's a celebration of resilience and camaraderie, wrapped in a sonic package that demands to be played at maximum volume. Abandon All's "Strong" isn't just an EP; it's a declaration that metal, like a fine wine, only gets better with time. Prepare your ears for a symphony of strength and dive into this EP – you won't be disappointed. Metal lives on, and Abandon All is leading the charge! 🤘