Act Of Denial - "Unbury The Hatchet"


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Act Of Denial Strikes Again: 'Unbury The Hatchet' Unleashes 90s Metal Nostalgia with a Guest Drummer Twist! 🤘

International melodic death metal maestros, ACT OF DENIAL, are back to rock your world with their latest headbanger, 'Unbury The Hatchet'. If you're yearning for that unmistakable 90s and early 2000s Gothenburg vibe, this single is your time-traveling ticket.
What makes 'Unbury The Hatchet' even more mind-blowing? Enter Eugene Ryabchenko, the drumming wizard from FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, as the guest drummer. Brace yourselves for a rhythmic journey that'll make your head spin faster than a double bass pedal.
Now, here's the catch – this metal masterpiece is exclusively on Bandcamp. So, if you haven't followed ACT OF DENIAL on Bandcamp yet (seriously, what are you waiting for?), do it now: Bandcamp Link. Don't miss out on this absolute banger; your metal soul will thank you.
To clear up any confusion, the band dropped a Q & A bomb on their Facebook page, answering questions and offering insights. Head over to AOD's Facebook page for the lowdown.
And if you're curious about what Eugene Ryabchenko and Bjorn Speed Strid have to say about the single, check out their Facebook reels and here, respectively. Spoiler alert: It's as epic as the music itself.
'Unbury The Hatchet' Line-up:
Voi Cox - Lead guitar, programming
Luger - Rhythm guitar
Bjorn Speed Strid - Vocals, backing vocals
Steve Di Giorgio - Fretless bass
Eugene Ryabchenko - Drums
John Lönnmyr - Keyboards
Music by Luger and Voi
Lyrics by Bjorn Strid
Mix at Fredman Studio and by Fredrick Nordstrom
For those living under a rock, ACT OF DENIAL's debut album 'Negative' (released August 13th, 2021) garnered critical acclaim. If you haven't witnessed the metal onslaught, check out these singles:
'Your Dark Desires' lyric video:
'Slave' feat. ex-SOILWORK guitarist Pete Wichers:
'Controlled' feat. DEATH's Bobby Koelble:
The album, mixed by legendary Fredrik Nordström, boasts a lineup featuring metal heavyweights like Steve Di Giorgio and Bjorn Speed Strid.
In conclusion, 'Unbury The Hatchet' isn't just a single; it's a time-traveling, headbanging experience with a sprinkle of drumming magic. Follow ACT OF DENIAL on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and get ready for a wild ride into the heart of melodic death metal. Your ears will thank you later!