Arctic-Heart - "RAGNAROK"


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Arctic-Heart Unleashes Viking Metal Fury with "RAGNAROK"

Release Date: 1.09.2023 | FFO: Manowar, Sabaton, Iron Maiden | Location: Norway
In the epic saga of Norse mythology, as the gods face their ultimate demise in the chaos of Ragnarök, five fearless Vikings from the icy realms of Norway have risen. Armed not only with swords but with a symphony of guitars, drums, and bass, ARCTIC-HEART embarks on a sonic quest to narrate the ancient tales across Midgard.
As the sacred tree Yggdrasil quivers, stirring the beasts of land and sea, this Viking metal brigade pays homage to fallen deities. Odin, who succumbed to the jaws of Fenrir, and Thor, vanquished by the serpent Jormungand, find new life through the thunderous beats and electrifying riffs of ARCTIC-HEART.
These Norse minstrels are more than musicians; they are modern-day skalds, chanting sagas of gods, goddesses, and monstrous creatures. Their music encapsulates the essence of a bygone Viking era, forging a sonic connection to inspire a new generation to carry forth the legacy of the gods. All hail Odin!
But don't just take our word for it; witness the saga unfold on YouTube:
Prepare to be swept away by the sonic tempest, where Viking lore meets heavy metal glory. ARCTIC-HEART's "RAGNAROK" is not just an album; it's a musical voyage through the realms of myth and legend.
Having sailed the stormy seas of ARCTIC-HEART's "RAGNAROK," I can confidently say it's a metal odyssey worth embarking upon. The fusion of Norse mythology and blistering guitar solos creates an atmosphere both powerful and captivating. ARCTIC-HEART doesn't just play music; they summon gods and monsters through the vibrations of their instruments. As a metalhead, this album is a feast for the ears, a battle cry for the soul, and a worthy addition to the metal pantheon. Skål to ARCTIC-HEART for keeping the flame of Viking metal burning bright!