Beyond The Hate - "Darkest Times"


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Beyond The Hate Unleashes Melodic Death Metal Havoc with Debut Album "Darkest Times"

Prepare your eardrums for an onslaught of melodic death metal mayhem, because Finland's Beyond The Hate is gearing up to drop their debut album "Darkest Times" on March 8th, 2024, courtesy of Inverse Records. Get ready to dive into a sonic abyss that's bound to leave you craving for more!
Beyond The Hate's musical saga began in the scorching summer of 2016, when guitarist Kimmo Perälehto and bassist Mikko Monto decided to join forces. Fast forward to 2024, and they're ready to unleash their melodic death metal beast upon the world. The band solidified with the addition of second guitarist Jyrki Karhu and singer Niko Kalinainen in 2016, officially founding the hate-fueled ensemble in 2017. 
Drumming duties fell into the capable hands of Tommy Uhtio, and the rest, as they say, is metal history.
Starting with more straightforward metal vibes, Beyond The Hate found their melodic death metal groove in late 2018, as showcased in the 2019 single "This Cold Morning". Emerging from the fiery crucible of band competitions, they made waves in the Emergenza Finland contests in 2018 and 2019, reaching the finals both times. The 2020 EP "Betrayal Of Time" marked a pivotal moment, earning the band accolades and setting the stage for their ambitious future.
As the band evolved, so did their sound. Beyond The Hate infused atmospheric and melancholic elements into their repertoire, incorporating orchestral and choir elements, and even sprinkling in some acoustic guitar magic. The result? A twelve-track melodic death metal opus titled "Darkest Times", set to drop in March 2024. Brace yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster fueled by the ferocious vocals of Niko Kalinainen, complemented by the artistic prowess of Kimmo Perälehto and Jyrki Karhu on guitars, Mikko Monto on bass, and the rhythmic thunderstorm courtesy of Tommy Uhtio on drums.
"Darkest Times" promises not just a solo journey through the abyss but also features guest vocalists Katri Hiovain-Asikainen from Numento on "Black Within" and Jaakko Mäntymaa from Marianas Rest on "In Memoriam". Prepare for a collaboration of epic proportions.
For those eager to embark on this melodic death metal odyssey, pre-order the CD here. Secure your spot in the abyss now!
Tracklist Teaser - Your Gateway to the Abyss:
Sign Of Weakness
Alone I Die
The Lighthouse
Black Within (feat. Katri Hiovain-Asikainen)
The Plague Upon Us
Left Behind
Dark Is The Sky
Dead Ones
Stranger in Me
Times of Misery
The Last Moments
In Memoriam (feat. Jaakko Mäntymaa)
Diving into Beyond The Hate's "Darkest Times" is like plunging into the depths of a sonic abyss. The evolution from straightforward metal to this melodic death metal masterpiece is nothing short of exhilarating. With guest vocalists adding their unique flavor, this album is poised to be a standout in the melodic death metal realm. Beyond The Hate isn't just a band; they're architects of sonic darkness, and "Darkest Times" is their magnum opus. Prepare to be consumed by the hate. \m/