Break Me Down


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BREAK ME DOWN: Shaking Up the Metal Scene with Attitude, Altitude, and Veronica Driven's Roar!

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the sonic storm coming out of Milan – Break Me Down is in the house, and they're not here to play nice. Born in 2017, this Alternative Metal powerhouse has been carving its name in the music scene with a bold and refreshing take on the genre.
The journey began with a bang in January 2018 when they dropped their debut EP, "Resilience." Three tracks that served as a declaration – Break Me Down was here, and they weren't holding back. By October 2019, they took things up a notch with their first full-length album, "The Pond," making waves and setting the stage for what was to come.
But hold on, the plot thickens! March 2020 saw a lineup shakeup that would change the game. Enter Veronica Driven, a vocal powerhouse and an old friend of the band, stepping into the lead vocalist role. If you thought Break Me Down was already turning heads, Veronica cranked it up to eleven.
Now, let's fast forward to April 2022 – the moment of truth. After two years of grinding on stages and in studios, Break Me Down, under Veronica's command and the wizardry of Matteo Magni, unleashed "See Me Fall." This single is just a teaser, a sneak peek into their upcoming EP, "Are You Evil Enough?". Brace yourselves because this isn't just music; it's an evolution.
"See Me Fall" is a testament to Break Me Down's evolution – more intense, more hard-hitting, and still 
dripping with that melodic essence that makes them stand out. Veronica's vocals aren't just a part of the music; they're a force to be reckoned with. Her raw power adds a new layer to Break Me Down's sonic palette.
As they embark on this thrilling chapter, we can't help but be excited about what Break Me Down has in store for us. The Alternative Metal scene just got a kick in the teeth, and we're here for it. Veronica Driven, Laerte Ungaro on the guitar, Fabio Benedan on the drums, and Tommy Manza on the Bass – this lineup is a recipe for Metal greatness.
So, fellow metalheads, buckle up. Break Me Down is turning the volume up, breaking barriers, and with Veronica Driven leading the charge, they're a force that demands to be heard. Stay tuned for more because this is just the beginning of Break Me Down's Alternative Metal saga, and we're ready for the ride! 🤘