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Citovitz and The Fireflies of February: Turn to Stone and Set Our Heads Banging

Polish guitar maestro Andrzej Citowicz is back with his fiery band, the Fireflies of February, and their new single "Turn To Stone" is a molten metal injection straight to your brain. Forget lyrics, this instrumental scorcher is all about raw power and shredding glory.
Citowicz, a veteran of the scene, is on a mission to push his guitar playing to the stratosphere, and "Turn To Stone" takes listeners on a wild ride through his fretboard cosmos. Think Yngwie Malmsteen on a sugar rush, but with enough grit and groove to keep even the most jaded metalhead headbanging.
This isn't Citowicz's first rodeo, mind you. He's already dropped a power ballad called "Anemoia", a nostalgic ode to the hairspray-fueled glory days of 80s rock. Think Bon Jovi meets Def Leppard with a dash of Desmond Child, and you've got the picture.
But let's get back to "Turn To Stone," the fiery centerpiece of this upcoming album "Hive of Weirdness". Citowicz describes the album as the final chapter of his musical trilogy, but don't worry, there's enough heart, soul, and six-string fury to fuel a thousand metal shows.
If you're looking for something to melt your face and ignite your inner air guitar champion, "Turn To Stone" is your new jam. Crank it up, headbang like there's no tomorrow, and prepare to be electrified.
As a metalhead who worships at the altar of shred, I freaking love "Turn To Stone." It's got the technical chops to impress even the most discerning guitar nerds, but it's also catchy and hooky enough to get stuck in your head for days (in a good way, of course). Plus, who can resist a dude who describes his music as "weird"?
Sure, some might miss the vocals, but honestly, sometimes words just get in the way of pure, unadulterated guitar worship. And for that, I salute you, Andrzej Citowicz. You've crafted a metal masterpiece that deserves a place on any headbanger's playlist. Now, excuse me while I go practice my windmills.
If you're still hungry for more Citowicz shred, check out the links. There's enough riffage to keep you rocking until "Hive of Weirdness" drops. Just be warned, your fingers might get jealous.
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